About Best Martial Arts Academy

Leo Martial Arts Academy is the best martial arts academy in Udaipur, India. The academy was founded by Kyoshi Mukesh K. Sukhwal.

In the last 12 years, Kyoshi and his students won more than 300 International gold medals in 20 countries including Open Asian, Open South Asian, Open World Karate Championships, National Karate Championship, and many state and district tournaments.

About the Founder

  • Kyoshi Mukesh K. Sukhwal is the founder & general secretary of Leo Martial Arts Academy.
  • He is 6th Dan Black Belt from Karate-Do Federation, Malaysia in the Asian Okinawa Go-Ju-Ryu Karate style.
  • He is the President of All India Yosei Go-Ju-Ryu Karate-Do Association, USA.
  • He is unarmed Combat (UAC) Coach of Professional Forces, Army & Police Commandos.
  • He has more than 16 years of Martial Art experience as a Student, Coach, Referee, Judge at International, National & State Level.

Martial Art Career

Kyoshi Mukesh K. Sukhwal's martial arts journey began in his childhood itself. He competed in many international as well as national tournaments which resulted in winning 79 medals on his own.

In 2001, his mentors realized that Kyoshi has special qualities of teaching and spreading martial arts among the people of India. So, he began his career as an assistant martial arts instructor in the same year. Since then, he never looked back.

In 2008, he was awarded as best fighter in Open Karate Championship, Mumbai, India.

In 2009, he took the charge of the Rajasthan branch Go-Ju-Ryu Karate-Do (Malaysia) as Chief Technical Director.

In 2012, he was appointed as Team Coach in Akshay Kumar's National Karate Championship, Mumbai, India.

Kyoshi's achievements are quite versatile and huge. It is not possible to mention all of them here. However, some of the main highlights are as follows:

  • In 2014, he was awarded as "Best Referee" in 7th Open Asian Go-Ju-Ryu- Karate Championship, Coimbatore.
  • In 2015, He was appointed as referee & coach in 12th Okinawa Go-Ju-Ryu International Karate Championship, Malaysia. In the same year, he won a Gold medal in Asian Go-Ju-Ryu Karate-DO Championship, India.
  • In 2019(2nd to 5th May), he represented as Team Coach India & Chief Referee at Okinawa Go-Ju-Ryu International Karate Championship, Malaysia.

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