The art of karate is about balance first than anything else.

A true karateka is always cool in even the extremest of situations.



Just joining a karate class does not make a person extra-ordinary.

We instill a quality of determination and persistence, so you can not only see your goal, but achieve it.




Strength is more than just the physical force you're able to exert with your body.

A combination of willpower, physique, and hardwork is what gives the right kind of 'strength' to a karateka.

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'karate'? People fighting in a comic way and jumping off heights, breaking stuff in the process?

A realization of what karate truly is, can only be experienced when you join a karate school.

We at Leo Martial Arts Academy, give the art of karate, its meaning, by instilling in our students, the quality that makes a student of karate, a 'karateka'.


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There isn't a concept of 'right' and 'wrong' time when it comes to learning karate. Karate is a lifestyle, and the perfect time to live it is NOW!